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    I need advice I maybe boys and girls club and every time I want to play basketball with the boys nobody wants to pick me and they never pick me and even the teacher dosent pick me I feel kind of like a outcast any advice

    • I know how you feel that always happens to me….

    • Either you could let it happen or explain to the boys you wanna play with them and theres no reason that they should leave you out. If you wanna play with the boys stand up for yourself! I know boys appreciate confidence.

    • Maybe you should play by yourself and show them how talented you are 😀 Or you can put together your own Girls team and then you’ll always have people to play with (people who will appreciate your skills.)

    • Tell them that having a Y chromosome doesn’t make you better at Basketball. If that doesn’t help, say that instead of judging people by there skin now there judging you by gender.
      Y chromosome = All humans have 23 chromosomes pairs. Males and Females have 22 that look all mostly the same only they store different information depending on the person. But for that 23rd pair Males have one of them MUCH shorter, and it has very little information. Scientists call this smaller one a Y chromosome. The other part of the pair is an X chromosome and Females have 2 Y chromosomes.
      If you want to learn more, just search what are chromosomes or something and google might give you a site with more information! I just don’t want to make this advice comment a gene lecture!