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    I have a boyfriend and he failed a grade so he is a grade below me and well since in June will be my last day in middle school which means my last day with him we don’t want to break up so can anyone help o and BTW I’m not allowed to date so yea

    • If you can meet after school in a place like the mall you can still hang out

    • if you really like him you should stay together but if its mutual you should break up long distance relationships don’t always work out well.

    • You should Breack up you will meet new people but when you break up tell him you want to focuse on grades and you would just like to remain friends

    • I agree with @taya39333. You can do better + if he failed a grade then he obviously isn’t that serious about his priorities. If you are that important to him he would have done everything he could do to stay with you and he didn’t 🙁 Also, if your parents said you’re not allowed to date you shouldn’t have a boyfriend anyways. Middle school is too young for these kind of commitments and this is why.