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    I am being bullied alot at school because of my eyebrows because u can’t really see them because they are so light. What should I do about it?

    • I’ve been in your situation, and the one truly fact that gave me strength was that : sometimes peoples point at others “imperfections” because they feel insecure about themselves.
      I know it really hurt most of the time all the negative comments about our outside, but take all the teasing as an opportunity to strengthen your inside, because that’s the only part that you should care what the other think about.
      Also remember that bullying shouldn’t be a thing happening in the hallways of a school, so don´t you doubt in asking for the principal’s or any other teacher’s help, they’re are more helpful than you think!

    • same u cant really see my eyebrows but dont let what they say effect

    • Its okay usually when people bully they are just jealous of themselves. Everyone is beautiful in their own way ignore them. And if its a boy it may be because they like u