• 1. that writes in super neat handwriting the first or two days then after I’m like, I don’t care.
    2. that when you walk into a class and see someone you don’t like, you say either “please say there in the wrong class” or “oh this is going to be a long year” or “i better not have to sit next to them”

  • 1. (Don’t experience this one, but common named people will) when you only put your first name on your school supplies then have someone else in your class with the same name that also only put first name.
    2. First 3 days hair is done all nice, all in different styles. Then after that it’s just a ponytail, down, pigtails, quick braid, messy bun…[Read more]

  • If you don’t know what a case manager is in school, look it up please, to hard to explain. Anyway, I have like mood and learning and behavior disorders, so my teachers always report any issues to my annoying case manger at school. If there’s a problem about me it’s reported to her, then to the front office then the front office calls my paren…[Read more]

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    Am I the only one that enjoys back to school shopping and the first day of school, then after I hate it. 😐

  • Just say hi to people. Ask them how are they are! Even if you have Snapchat or their number text them and ask if they want to hang out to get to low each other. DON’T try to be popular. I’m going into 7th grade this year. Be your self and people will like you. Don’t put on a show to fit in, you will find friends. It’s even okay if you hang ou…[Read more]

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    I’m 12. Turned 12, on May 15. So I was 11. Why what’s up? Even though I’m not 11, I would love to talk!!

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  • giadatalks started the topic Scared in the forum Give Advice 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I ended my period on Sunday. I belong to like this water park and tomorrow I’m going with friends. I’m scared I will get it again, is it possible? Anyway how can I feel not scared, I’m worried because I have like this clear liquid in my underwear and I’m scared. Please HELP

  • So I can’t swim for 3 weeks this summer, dang. I hate tampons. My summer is ruined, and I’m so worried cuz my period is late and I go swim at a community pool and I’m so worried I will get it in the water. My mom said yesterday to wear like these underwear that like can’t leak, under the bathing suit. How can I stop them permanently? (I’m 12)

  • So at school there is a girl lets call her Ellie. She follows me, at lunch and recess cuz she had no friends. The problem is she is making me lose my other friends, I will admit she can be annoying and annoys them some times. My old group of friends I sat with at lunch told me they wanted me to sit with them but they said that Ellie is to…[Read more]

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    This was my first year in middle school. Don’t be scared, just be yourself and do what ur suppose to do stay out of drama and your be amazing!

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    An ex police man lost his car, girlfriend and house what did he lose first?

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    Please help me. I need to delay my period for a week. I know there are some ways but how. Also can I take medicine for that for my age or am I to young. Thanks

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    When you write the @ symbol The first person that comes up when you write @ is the person who was in the fridge eating food the whole time Second @ is the person who was in there phone the whole night. Third: stayed up all night. Fourth fell asleep at 6 pm. Fifth made her parents pick her up at 9…[Read more]

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    Lemonade, cookies, water, Gatorade, bags of chips, pretzels

  • I was supposed to get my period yesterday (saturday) it’s Sunday I still don’t have it. Should I wear a pad to school. The only reason why I’m worried is I have gym and I have to run the mile please help

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    Yes! If you have a older sibling ask them to help you. Find a recipe and make it together. If you don’t ask a parent to help. Before you know it you will be on ur own. Definitely start with a trusted older sibling/parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt etc. hope I helped

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    🐶 can’t decide 🐹🐰 can’t decide 🐴🐠

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