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    When did you get your first crush?
    When do you think people should get there first crushes?
    At what grade/age do you find that it’s actually pretty normal to have a crush, maybe even socialy expected?

    • Kindergarten

    • I had a like not-really-crush crush in Pre-School, but really I think I didn’t know what that was. Then in Kindergarden my “friends” tricked me into picking a boy in the class to say I liked. I played on with the game, because for my first 2 years of elementrary school I was trying to impress them and get them to like me, and I would not except the fact that they were bullying me. You won’t believe what they are like now. 🙂
      So really, I guess it depends on how you define “crush”. In my opinion, I never had a crush in Pre-School, but it’s all in the way you look at it.

    • my first crush was when I was 10 *_*

    • Can people start also saying when at your school it’s normal to have a crush? I’m intrested in what people think.

    • I had my first REAL crush in 3rd grade I had liked him still even in fifth. But I wish I would have started was 5th grade . That was when I was really figured out who I was.