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    If you lose someone’s trust it might take a while to earn his/her trust, but it will happen over time! You have to prove to him/her that he/she can trust you. You need to remember to stay strong and positive because it will happen maybe fast or maybe over time! Good luck! 🙂☺️😉

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    I know it can be hard for your BFF leave you, but maybe it was just meant to be and you can make new friends! So there is an up side and a down side; so don’t worry to much and be scared to make new friends! If nothing seems to be getting better ask your mom or dad if you can throw a girls only pool party and maybe you might make new friend there…[Read more]

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    My school year just ended and throughout the year there was this one girl who just kept on picking and picking on me. We also played soccer together so it’s really really hard to get it wrong with her. My best friend used to be friends with her and I guess everybody thinks she’s in charge! When I try to stand up for what is right I get pushed back…[Read more]

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