• alison14 and Profile picture of mizztetiannamizztetianna are now friends 6 months ago

    • Hey thnx for sending friend request. would you like to chat sometime?

      • request.😊Yes, i dont have friends yet on this site except for u. Thanks for accepting the friend reqh

        • Np! So what are some of your fav hobbies. I like reading,blogging, online gaming, writing and i love the tv show pretty little liars

          • Same except I also like coking ,doing sports, and YouTube, and social media.

          • Would you also like to be pen pals?

            • Yes! I would love that! And im hoping to learn how to cook and i also like to swim and i want to try track. I have a Yt channel too and i have a gossip blog. Do you like gossip?

            • Sorry for answering so late, but yes I do like gossip. Do you want to be pen pals just online or writing and mailing letters?

            • I also like track it is very fun as well as swimming,cheerleading is great too.