Writer of the Month for May

I am sure you all are aware of the Writer of the Month recognition, which is for the girls who submit a minimum of five posts per month! There has been a tough competition so far, but one has to obviously win. For the month of May, we have chosen @gmwbmw22! Good Job! You can read all her posts here and they also include her art, so do check it out! Also, she was recently the Girl of the Moment winner! Read about her here

Congratulations Maddie!

You have been awarded with a Writers badge along with 1000 bonus points! You can also use these points to enter contests and sweepstakes to win free stuff through the auctions. Good luck and keep writing!

And for the other girls, we will be choosing a Writer of the Month for the coming months, so go ahead and submit as many articles/polls as you wish to!

Meanwhile, take part in our Hyperlinked Giveaway here and win goodies to host the coolest sleepover with your soulsies! 

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