be a writer of the monthWriter of the Month for March

It is time to give the Writer of the Month recognition for the girls who have submitted a minimum of five articles in March. And here we have chosen @muzzo, YET AGAIN as she has sent in 11 articles! You can read all her posts here! She has been a very active member and also won the Writers badge for Writer of the Month for February!

Congratulations once again, Muzzo!

You have been awarded with a Writers badge along with 1000 bonus points! And again, you can use these points to enter contests and sweepstakes and win FREE stuff through the auctions. Good luck and keep writing!


And for the other girls, it is time to step your game up, because you do not want to miss out on winning the free stuff through auctions! We will be choosing a Writer of the Month for the coming months, so go ahead and submit as many articles/polls as you wish to! Happy writing xx

love to write-enter the writing contest