“Every GEM is Unique”

 The GEM Sisters are the largest children’s comedy sketch group on Youtube, made up of sisters Giselle (15), Evangeline (10) and Mercedes (12). They’re known for making making hilarious sketches, parodies, relatable life hack videos, challenges and every now and again they even blog.

 And let’s not forget they’ve also written a series of books and given back to kids in need by teaming up with organizations like Yoobi Gives.

 We got the (amazing!) opportunity to talk to the GEM Sisters about all things Youtube, books and favorite ice cream flavors. Check it out below and don’t forget to watch their latest video HERE!


GEM Sisters

1. What is the ultimate flavor of ice-cream?

G –  My favorite flavor of ice cream is for sure red velvet cheesecake with graham cracker chunks.

E – I love Neapolitan ice cream! It’s a great idea if you can’t decide what flavor.

M – Definitely Mint Chocolate Chip. Always my go to!


2. What is your favourite summer activity?

G – My favorite Summer activity is going out for ice cream! It’s the perfect treat to cool down in the sun.

E– It’s so much fun swimming during Summer, but the best part is the snacks!

M – Swimming has always been my favorite thing to do in summer. I could swim everyday!


3. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

G – One time we were on a cruise ship and I tried fried alligator for dinner.

E – Probably be a bacon doughnut, it didn’t taste that bad though.

M – Brussel Sprouts are strange, I never want to eat them again.


Giselle/ GEM Sister

4. What fashion trend do you just not get?

G – I totally didn’t understand the feather eyebrows trend. #Notonfleek

E– I don’t understand how to match and be fashionable like Mercedes.

M – Casual. I just can’t, I need to be fabulous


5. What is your best feature?

G – Definitely my smile. I think smiling is such a powerful and beautiful feature.

E – I love my beautiful thick hair, no matter how many brushes get stuck in it. Lol

M – My eyes are my favorite feature they are hazel and I love the color!


6. How did you come up with the name GEM Sisters?

GEM –  We came up with lots of funny names, but then Mama GEM realized that our initials spelled GEM. G for Giselle, E for Evangeline and M for Mercedes. We thought it was so perfect because every GEM is unique! That’s why we call our fans GEMS!


7. How did you three get started on Youtube?

G – We have always wanted to act and make content for families to watch together. We thought it would be perfect to start a YouTube channel because we get to make the funny, family friendly content we love watching.

E – I have known that I’ve wanted to be a comedian since I was 3 years old. I remember telling jokes and being silly trying to get people to laugh. YouTube is the perfect place for us to be silly together!

M – We begged our parents for years! Our parents are filmmakers and they finally said yes one day. It was our dream come true!


Evangeline/ GEM Sisters

8. What video are you most proud of and why?

G – Our music video Lazy Summer is one of my favs. It is our first original song and and it is so funny. I’m always singing it.

E – I’m very proud of our Dora the Detective video because that was when we had just started and as soon as it went viral we knew this was going to be more than a hobby.

M – Embarrassing Things Moms Do, I love how funny it is and how it came together. I love playing my Miss Mom character and we have a whole series for her “Miss Mom Vlogs.”


9. Where do you get inspiration for your videos?

G –  We for sure get our inspo from SNL. We love coming up with new funny characters. We always say that we are a kids version of it.

E – I LOVE COMEDY! I love to look at life like I’m wearing funny glasses to find the best silly moments for our videos.

M – A lot of videos we make are based on what happens to us in real life, but a heightened version of it. We make content we know our fans can relate to.


10. What is the hardest part about being a Youtuber?

G – I think it is making every video the best it can be. Because you can spend so many hours on one video and we are totally perfectionist.  

E – Sometimes its hard keeping up with all of our socials. We try to answer as many comments as we can because our fans mean so much to us.

M – Honestly YouTube is so fun, but it definitely takes a lot time and commitment.  


Mercedes/ GEM Sisters

11. You also have a book series! Can you tell us what they’re about and what readers can expect!?

G – Our book series Sister Detectives is about us as sisters being bumbling detectives, but no one knows we solve mysteries. We are coming out with the third book this summer called “Runway Rumors” stay tuned!

E – Our first book in the series is called Pup-Napped. It is about a cute dog that has been kidnapped and we try to help find him. It is so funny and you will laugh out loud reading it I promise!

M – Haunted Horse Camp is our second book. I love this book because it is funny and spooky! We also go to camp in this book which has so many funny moments.


12. Are there any Youtubers (or other celebs) that you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

G – I for sure want to collab with Liza Koshy. She is hilarious and I love her physical humor.

E – I would love to collab with the Merrell Twins because they are so fun!

M – My top 3 dream collabs are J. Lo, Merrell Twins, Ariana Grande


13. How do you keep your channel unique?

G – We love coming up with crazy characters for our channel. I think it’s what makes our channel different.

E – It is very important to us to do our own original ideas more than YouTube trends. Being funny is always #1.

M – Our fans know every one of our videos will make them laugh. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vlog or a comedy skit we ALWAYS have jokes!


14. Do you have any future projects you’re working on (and can we get a sneak peak?!)

G – We are going to be doing a video with Nickelodeon star Scarlet Spencer from the show “Cousins For Life.” It is coming out in a few weeks. Be sure to follow us on all our socials for updates.

E – We’re working on our 3rd Sister Detectives book. Sneak Peek..it’s all about fashion!

M – We haven’t told ANYONE this yet but we’re working on our next music video! It’s so funny! We can’t wait for it to come out!


15. What is your 2019 goal for the GEM sisters?

G – Our goal is to hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube by the end of the year. We know we can do this with all of the love and support from our GEMS!

E – We really want to have our own GEM Sisters TV Show and movies. We have so many ideas! We’re ready!

M – This year we hope to guest star on a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show! That would be epic!


16. Where can we follow you?

Youtube: GEMsisters

Instagram: gem.sisters

Website: GEM Sisters Club