Meet our new intern @saakshi-sophie!

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Meet our new intern @saakshi-sophie!


Here we have our new Miss O and Friends intern @saakshi-sophie!

She writes:

I like Miss O and Friends soo much. It makes my day by typing some blogs or typing some funny stuff on GIRL2GIRL wall! I also like to play games especially Roblox! I love to dance, sing and to act. I really want to become a YouTuber too. I want to change this world to kindness and peace and also want to help homeless people. It is my dream to be a Dancer, singer, actor, and YouTuber. Because I don’t want to do some weird work in future, I believe myself. I just wanna say DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU 😀


Oh and the girl art you see above is made by me!

Talk to her @saakshi-sophie! 

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I’ve loved Miss O since forever. I love to do good no matter what it takes and that’s why I love Miss O as they help many girls like me.

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