Meet Miss O intern @zwivhuya!

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Meet Miss O intern @zwivhuya!


So get to know our new Miss O and Friends intern @zwivhuya!!

She writes:

Hi. My name is Zwivhuya and i’m 15. The reason i want to become a Miss O Intern is because i believe that as girls going whether it is puberty, peer pressure or anything in our lives we do need advices from other. My hobbies are reading, writing poems/songs (always about my days and experiences). I love singing, giving advice. I love trying out new things. Discovering something new every day is so exciting to me just thinking about the possibilities of things to discover. My favorite subjects are Physics, Mathematics and Afrikaans. I love learning new languages.


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I’ve loved Miss O since forever. I love to do good no matter what it takes and that’s why I love Miss O as they help many girls like me.

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