Meet our Miss O Ambassador: Malia

Since Miss O and Friends is by girls, for girls… what better way to grow our community than with the amazing girls already apart of it?! 

Q: Why do you want to be a Miss O Ambassador?

A: I am all about inclusiveness, Girl Power🌻, and Spreading Positivity🦋 around the world 🌎!!!  I love 😍 the Girl2Girl Wall App since it has the same mission I do!!


Hey Girl!👋 I’m Malia💕

I am a Positive Tween girl Activist that is looking to Spread the word to other girls, that girls DO NOT have to fit into Molds, and that they have a VOICE and can make a DIFFERENCE in this WORLD 🌎.  My motto is Girls can do it all! No Limitations!!

Meet other Miss O Ambassadors! 

Meet Miss O Ambassador: Andiswa

I want girls to know that it is ok to not be perfect all the time and when you your ups and downs there is always someone there to talk to even if it's someone online.

Meet Miss O Ambassador: Jade

My motto that I live by is to be a leader, a listener and always a friend. I’m honored to support other girls like me. 

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