Meet our Miss O Ambassador: Bella

Since Miss O and Friends is by girls, for girls… what better way to grow our community than with the amazing girls already apart of it?! 

Q: Why do you want to be a Miss O Ambassador?

A: I’m so thankful for Miss O and Friends concept and they’re app Girl2Girl wall which really helps girls express their real feelings and troubles.


Hey Girl!👋 I’m Bella💕

I love the idea of young women’s leadership and really believe that the Girl2Girl Wall app will really help girls become leaders. When I’m not fashion blogging, I love to dance, hang out with friends, and sew!

Meet other Miss O Ambassadors! 

Meet Miss O Ambassador: Lexia

My Mother is very strict about social media.. She’s next to me right now! I don’t even have IG on my phone. So a positive female friendly no bullying app pleases both of us.

Meet Miss O Ambassador: Angie

I love Miss O because it’s a great place for girls to express themselves and share their art or whatever their passionate about.

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