Meet our Miss O Ambassador: Akiley

Since Miss O and Friends is by girls, for girls… what better way to grow our community than with the amazing girls already apart of it?! 

Q: Why do you want to be a Miss O Ambassador?

A: I really love the diversity and inclusion of all girls! I love the fact that it is a safe space for young tween girls to escape and express themselves! I would love to be an ambassador for your company. I believe that I would be able to represent your company and what it stands for in a positive way! I love to help and uplift people.💕


Hey Girl!👋 I’m Akiley💕

I’m 10 years old and ready to take over the world! I take advanced classes focused on STEM once a week at my elementary school and my favorite subject in school is math, and I LOVE coding Sphero robots. I’m also on a hula hooping team at school, in the STEM club and technology club. My dream is to grow up and become the first black female president.  I’m also an aspiring actress! I love making bracelets and want to turn that into a business one day! My favorite food is cheese burgers, well… any food really, because I love to eat! 

Meet other Miss O Ambassadors! 

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I’m so thankful for Miss O and Friends concept and they’re app Girl2Girl wall which really helps girls express their real feelings and troubles.

Meet Miss O Ambassador: Jordyn

I'm super excited to be a Miss O ambassador because they stand for everything I do and really want to empower girls in the same ways I do!

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