Inspired by Dany and her magical sketchbook in the book series Making Friends, Miss O and Friends gave you the chance to submit a drawing of you & your BFF to win BIG! And we’re ready to announce the five lucky winners! 

We loved seeing all your drawings of you and your BFF! Congrats to everyone who entered and the five girls who will win a copy of Making Friends Books 1 & 2!


winner of Making Friends book contest

Hey BFF!

Drawing by @Jesjade

When I say I won’t tell anyone my best friend doesn’t count. We’re like Peanut Butter and Jelly!



On Point

Drawing by @marchmay

My friend and I enjoy many things together!


Anjali and I

Drawing by @aadya.panda

This is my BFF Anjali and I. She has been my friend since only October but we became so close! We are going to different schools this year so I’m really sad, but like I said, we will always be friends!


Bella and I

Drawing by @vhumble

Bella and I are BFF’s. We like to do fun things like listen to scary stories and do modeling together. We both love sloths. We have learned many facts about each other like Violet is a Hufflepuff and Bella is a Gryffindor (Harry Potter things)


My Ultimate

Drawing by @Zeeloree

The story behind this art is me and my best friend Aaliyah playing at recess last year! We’ve known each other since kindergarten and we went to separate middle schools ☹️ but since we kept in touch we decided to start a YouTube channel! 😃 Called Zee vs Liyah where we do challenges even though we are still beginning with only 3 videos we have lots of fun, cool videos on the way and we have the whole #summer to do it! 😉👍 Nothing can break #truefriendship


Special note to all the girls who were not selected 🙂

This was a randomly selected contest and not a competition. Winners were not chosen on a basis of talent. Everyone is talented in so many ways so don’t ever give up on what you want and who you are just because you did not win. 

BTW, more books contests coming!!! Stay tuned!

~The Miss O Staff