Make money doing what you love!

Here are some creative ways to earn money!

  • Doing hair, makeup or nails: If you are wanting to be a stylist, or if it is your dream career you can practice on family, friends or maybe people at your church. Then ADVERTISE!


  • Making clothes or jewelry or shoes: Making clothes, jewelry or shoes is a step closer to starting a business. You can get permission to put up business fliers around your school, especially if your creations are really good.

    jewelry making

  • Selling your old or gently used clothes: You can sell clothes on websites like eBay or Etsy. Another good way to start a business maybe creating your own website and creating your old creations.


  • Take surveys online: Taking surveys online is not the fastest way to get money but is a way to get a little extra cash or gift cards.


  • Babysitting: Babysitting cousins or anyone you know who might have younger kids is a good way to make a good mama and you can charge by the hour.