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We are fangirling over Lisa and her beautifully-bold pixie-cut. We talked with Lisa about her single with Riff Raff, ‘Hit Me Up.’

We would be lying if we say we are not a Cimorelli fan. But this time, we are fangirling over Lisa and her beautifully-bold pixie cut. We got Lisa to talk about her new single with Riff Raff, ‘Hit Me Up’ which we are loving so much.


  1. You look so amazing, so fierce in the video. Tell us about your look. Too daring, too hardcore, a bit Rihanna? How and when did you decide?


Lisa: Oh gosh thank you so much! Well I cut my hair around 20 inches shorter in September. I was at a crossroads in my life and I needed a change. It totally reinvigorating my sense of style, mainly because I wanted to make sure I really gave my new hair a chance and did it justice. I knew everyone would be saying “oh she made a mistake” if I didn’t put in some effort so I went to work trying new things and just having fun getting dressed for the first time in a while. My style definitely feels more edgy and fun now! Short hair is a blast. 

  1. The song is pretty different from what Cimorelli is known for. How was your experience singing it and then appearing in the video?


Lisa: I got to write everything I sang and approve everything in the song. Riff was very gracious about making sure I was comfortable with the entire process. I’m very grateful for that and definitely wouldn’t have agreed to working on something that felt wrong to me! The whole thing was so much fun, it was really quick and easy. I went in the studio and wrote/recorded my part in a couple hours and then we went out around the city the next day and shot the video. The whole thing was done in Pittsburgh. It was 14 degrees outside so in between every take we had to jump in the car and blast the hot air!


  1. Tell us about the process. Who approached whom? When did it start?


Lisa: He approached me in late November to do a song. I didn’t see how it could work but he was so nice about making sure it was clean and that everything was comfortable for me. He just listened to and respected all of my concerns and did what it took to make it work. 


It’s been a lot of fun to step out of my usual comfort zone and hear new opinions and try new styles. 2017 is already turning into such a fun year!


  1. Where have you filmed the video, how long did it take? You remind us of Rihanna in the video. Did you see the resemblance yourself? You even sound like her.


Lisa: Really!? I love her so I definitely take that as a compliment! We shot it in Pittsburgh, which was cool ’cause I’ve never gotten to spend time there. We shot it in about two hours. We tried to get it done as quickly as possible because it was sooooo cold haha.


  1. What was your favorite part of the process? Singing or filming?


Lisa: Singing was more fun in an artistic way because it involved more creative energy on my end, but filming was more fun in a social way because we all got to hang out in the car as we were driving around or warming up in between scenes. We were laughing a lot and cracking jokes.


  1. Should we expect more collaborations like this in future?


Lisa: Yes definitely! I love working with new people, especially those who already like my music and understand and respect me. I have a couple of projects in the works that will be out this year. I’m super excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been writing! It’s been a lot of fun to step out of my usual comfort zone and hear new opinions and try new styles. 2017 is already turning into such a fun year!


Give Riff Raff and Lisa Cimorelli’s latest tune, “Hit Me Up” a listen and put it on repeat (like us!).


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