I was the winner of the Hang Out and Read prize pack. I was so excited to open it and the contents were soo cool!

The prize pack included:
The books “Aru Shah and the End of Time” and “The Storm Runner” and “Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret”.
The National Geographic Kids 2019 Almanac.
A mermaid sequin journal, that has a rainbow poop emoji on one side of the sequins and a silver backdrop that says “YAY!”, in colorful letters,, on the other side.
A Fall flavored Lip Smuckers lip balm
And a pack of three scrunchies.

I’m super excited to read the Rick Riordan Presents books (“Aru Shah” and “Storm Runner”). I might even write reviews of them *wink*!

Again, thank you so much Miss O and Friends for the awesome prize pack. And the best part is that the only thing I had to do was enter to win. It didn’t require points and any Miss O member in the U.S. is eligible to enter, so you should! Enter the next contest and win something cool!

Peace out, girlies!