Kate’s Clothing and Makeup Tips

Hi, I’m Kate. I am from a small town in Wyoming. I live on a small farm, I spend most of my time training and showing horses or tending to my goats and sheep. Although I may not be into skinny jeans, DC shoes, and dark eye makeup, I am into wranglers, cowboy boots, and highlighting natural beauty. Today I will be sharing makeup tips and clothing sites.

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Makeup Tips:

1. Never put so much foundation on that you that you get what i call the FF line (fake face line)you’ll get a ff linewhen you put on a large amount of makeup that doesn’t match your skin tone, this makes a color change on your jaw line and makes it appea that you have well, a fake face or a mask it is unattractive and makes you look cheap and sloppy.

2. Instead of using black or neon color eye shadows use natural brown and perhaps peach colors that will blend with you skin tone. In my opinion, it is better to wear less makeup and look like you than to wear a lot and look like some else.

Clothing Tips:

I am a more muscular girl, therefore, I have learned to dress accordingly to my body type. I’ve got some tips other girls can learn too.

– For more thicker girls one that are larger than I try to wear clothes that complement your curves don’t wear clothes that are too small or to short the same goes for any girl.

*For girls my size the 130-140 range try not to wear clothes that do not fit. Show off you cuves but don’t over do it, girls around my size have larger..uh….breasts….keep them covered, you may think you’re impressing a boy but it is very sad to see a girl that uses things like her body to get attention.

– For skinny girls I know you probably like your body but try not to wear mini skirts and tube tops, you’re not on a runway. Stay away from wearing reveling clothes made for older girls that still looks cheap. Trash those 5 inch long skirts and skimpy tube tops.

Thanks for reading! I will also try to write about showing my horses and anything new that pops up in this area. I buy a lot of cowgirl style outfits on many websites.