I’m not good at taking pictures. It’s True!

So I decided to get better because I really do love it, and I think I did get better! The thing is, I have an iPhone 4, so it’s been pretty hard trying to get those pretty pictures. With a bit of hard work (and some luck), you can get those Instagram-Worthy Pics with your iPhone 4 🙂

Step 1:

iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c iPhone 6, 6s, 7
Put in SQUARE mode

Turn HDR on

Clean your lens!

Put in PHOTO mode

Turn HDR on

Clean your lens!

Step 2:

For those of you with an iOS lower than 7, I suggest the following apps:

Rookie Cam
Photo Blur

For those of you with an iOS higher than 7, I suggest the following apps:

YouCam Perfect


Step 3: Find your light ?

Use natural lighting. Make sure your back is towards it and your camera is not pointed at your light source.
A window  is a GREAT source of light
If natural light is not available:
+ Make sure to use a white surface
+ Turn off all other lights
+ Use a reflector

Step 4: Understanding your camera

Each camera is different, and some are newer than others. Just work with it and play with it. There are different things such as:

☞ Aperture

☞ Shutter speed


☞ White balance

☞ Autofocus

☞ Manual focus

Learn what these are and PRACTICE using them! You want to find your angle and what looks better.

Step 5: Taking your pictures

Alright! You are all ready!

  • When taking a picture, you will need a backdrop. Personally, I use black or white.

  • Now keep your hand steady and CLICK!

  • You might want to edit it if you don’t find that your picture looks good enough.

  • I really really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Photography is very fun, but it is something that takes practice. I am not an expert so I will not give you the best of the best, but these work amazingly for me, so I hope they do for you.

  • I really hope that you try out photography and that this encourages you to start taking pictures!