Invisible Emmie by Terri Libenson

Book review by @sidneygraceculwell

Have you ever felt alone or invisible to your peers at school? Then Invisible Emmie is a must-read book for you! This wonderful book is all about a girl named Emmie, who learns how to deal with feeling alone and invisible at times.

Emmie is one of the main characters and she is in the seventh grade at her middle school. Her best friend’s name is Brianna. Between the two friends, Emmie is the artistic one, because she loves to draw and Brianna is the smart one, because she studies so much. Even though Emmie has her best friend at school, all it takes is one person to make her feel invisible.

Katie is the other main character in this book and she is the complete opposite of Emmie. She is the popular girl who is pretty, smart, athletic, and seems to be the luckiest girl in the world! Everything seems to always work out for her.

This book centers around one specific day at school and how a note that Emmie drew about a boy causes the lives of Emmie and Katie to intersect. I felt like there were so many parts in this book that any girl could relate to. Through it all, Emmie finds the courage to embrace her REAL self and not allow others to make her feel alone or invisible anymore.

As a middle schooler myself, I loved this book so much, because I feel like all girls have felt like Emmie at some point. This book is written in first person, so you felt as though you were going through all of the drama with Emmie! She is misunderstood and is seen as this quiet girl, because she keeps to herself, but eventually she finds her voice.

I would definitely give Invisible Emmie a 5-Star rating and one I would recommend to every middle school girl to read! I loved every single page of it and could not put it down! This book was such a great reminder to not let others make you feel less than who you are, because we are all unique and special in our own way. I love how it inspired me to be true to myself.

It was also a great reminder to be aware of the other girls at school who might be feeling invisible and make sure to help them know they are not alone. You will not want to miss this fantastic book! It is definitely a new favorite of mine and one I will be reading over and over again!