Meet Poppy- A STEM lover turned YouTuber! 

“There’s something for everyone. It’s all around us and can be done anywhere.”

  1. What do you love about science?

poppy presents1

Because of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) there is something for everyone. Its all around us and can be done anywhere. Plus, I get to make my own rockets and set things on fire – what’s not to l

  1. What was it like starting your own YouTube channel? (Did you face any challenges?)


My channel started by chance. I entered a competition and the company asked me to make some videos for them. I decided to make some for myself too and that was it. The biggest challenge was understanding the science and knowing what to say. My family doesn’t have a science background so it was all new and I used to have loads of takes when I started but I’m getting better now (stop laughing Dad!)

  1. What video are you most proud of? Why?


There are so many videos I have loved making but I’m proudest of my Polystyrene video. It was for a competition and was the first time I had to manage the time. You were only allowed 60 seconds. Its extra special because I won the competition – even though I was the youngest finalist!

Poppy Presents – Polystyrene

  1. What videos are you planning on making in the future?


I want to start making more creative videos, showing things you can do at home. There’ll still be sciences video I as can’t resist trying new experiments. I’ve also got my Scout vlog series, which I am really enjoying doing. Being selected to go to West Virginia in 2019 for the World Scout Jamboree was just the best thing ever and I really want to share my journey to encourage other children, and especially girls, to apply in the future.

  1. How would you like to see your channel grow?


I’d love to one day have enough subscribers to be able to film at the YouTube Space in London. At the moment all I can do is visit the gift shop.


  1. Where can people follow you?


Just look for PoppyPresents on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You’ll know its me when you see my logo. It was drawn by a friend of mine called Lee Robinson. He’s a comic book artist who worked on the Kung Fu Panda comic

YouTube – Poppy Presents

  1. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?


I did get the chance to interview The Vamps when they were promoting their song for Kung Fu Panda 3. But I think the coolest thing was being invited to give a talk about my SciComm Story at a Conference hosted by British Astronaut Tim Peake. I was really nervous giving my first ever talk in front of over 200 people, but I had so much fun. And I got to meet Tim too.

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