“It hasn’t been easy, it’s a lot of work, many hours of research, finding the proper mentors, experimenting and seeing the results.”

Nikita Marino is a 14-year-old inventor with a goal of helping humanity with her creations. She’s participated in Estate Science Competitions, been invited to motivate young inventors to follow their passions and dreams and even given presentations on getting inspired by your creations.

nikita1She even started the Fluoride project at her school Science Fair when she was in 7th grade. She proved that fluoride destroys the enamel and with the help of a few more tests she found some other damaging side effects. It prompted her to create Bright Bright Now, an superior organic and vegetable based toothpaste. She’s also working on a new project VitaGummies which, when ingested, creates the perfect environment for the gastric juices and enzymes to break down the vitamin components.

 We sat down with Nikita to learn more about her love of science and how she used it to bring her inventions to life.


1. How did you discover your love of science?
Ever since I was very young, I loved to make and create things. I enjoyed baking and creating special foods for breakfast. So inventing was just another part of building things. I like to get my hands in several substances, mix them and see the results. When I do this experiments, I experience textures and temperatures. Creating has been a big part of my life. In my school its mandatory to have a Science Fair experiment, that counted as a grade, and from middle school, I started to be more curious about projects that can bring good to humanity. It hasn’t been easy, it’s a lot of work, many hours of research, finding the proper mentors, experimenting and seeing the results.
2. You said you’ve been involved in a lot of competitions (some even at major universities). Which competition stands out the most for you and why?
In 2017, I participated in the CT Science and Engineering Fair at Quinnipiac University, where the private, public schools and universities selected to present their projects that can make a big difference in the world. I was chosen as a winner in my category with a Fluoride Free Toothpaste that can be ingested and has amazing benefits for the oral and body health. After Quinnipiac, I was invited to participate as a VIP at UCONN for the National Invention Convention and presented my Fluoride project to hundreds of parents, students, and judges. A few months later, I was invited to compete in Alexandria, VA to the National Invention Convention. In September, when I started eighth grade, I continued with my research and I found that I could create a vitamin that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. I wan at my school and participated again Quinnipiac and UCONN. My goal is to make the families with low income around the world, to be able to take this vitamin which their ingredients will raise the immune system and will facilitate their overall health. 
The toothpaste formula is being presented to the USPTO for patenting and I am working on the vitamin supplement. These inventions have been presented in different venues during the last two years, with a purpose to inspire other children and I am committed to see if I can create real results.
3. The “Fluoride Project” at your school. Why did you decide to experiment with Fluoride? As opposed to any other science experiment? 
From an early age, my mother wouldn’t let me use fluoride toothpaste or drink water with fluoride. I always wonder why, and that gave me the idea to start doing the research I needed for this science fair project. 
4. You talk a lot about wanting to “help humanity.” Why is it so important for you to help other people with your inventions? 
Creating these inventions led me to be an entrepreneur, and I wanted to develop helpful inventions. It is important for me to help others with my inventions because there are so many harmful problems in the world and if I’m able to help get rid of these problems I will definitely try.
5. Which invention are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the fluoride-free toothpaste because I was able to create 4 different flavors of toothpaste that in addition to being fluoride free it had several benefits. The toothpaste is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, yet if one swallows the toothpaste, it is very healing with the benefits it has. On most fluoride kinds of toothpaste, in the warnings, they say something along the lines of… “Caution, if swallowed contact poison control immediately.” That was another reason I wanted to create a healthy toothpaste. However, I also created a foot cream that eliminates the stinky foot odors and removes the smelly shoes in a very efficient way and together with my brother we started our first company. The website is www.footshell.com
6. What is your biggest goal as an inventor? 
My most significant goal as an inventor is to be able to be a successful entrepreneur that has a line of healthy and healing products that will help the world. We are a community and we all can create good actions, events, inventions, etc. I would like to inspire future generations to follow their dreams and ideas no matter how crazy they are.