Girls, Beware!

A few tips to keep all my Miss O friends safe online<3


beware, internet, bullying, digital

  • The internet is known to be filled with dangerous websites; like dating websites and social media. If you do have social media, be careful. It’s best you don’t show your face online. But many people do.
  • Just don’t share your home address, or any personal information like your birthday or things about your family.
  • There is nothing wrong with telling the world about CERTAIN topics in your life. Like where you went out to eat or when you went somewhere fun. Not on Miss O of course! (since this website has privacy rules).
  • If you Private Message someone online, it is a 89% chance they don’t actually care about you. 
  • Most importantly… ASK YOUR PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Do not set up an account without their permission. It’s the internet, they might as well find your page anyway! This insures you are safe. Your parents wouldn’t do you any harm.