We noticed a lot of you girls have the default icon for your avatar and no cover for your profile page. So… we put together this page to help you make your profile page look cool!

add cover to profile page

Want to get some cute art for your profile page? Follow these simple instructions and customize your page!


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  • How do I change my Avatar/Pic? 
    Go to your My Profile tab, and click it. You will see Change Profile Photo  tab. Click. You will see a collection of photos and avatars you can choose from. Click the one you want and it will change your Profile Photo.

  • How do I change my Cover Image? 
    Go to your My Profile tab, and click it. You will see Change Cover tab. Click. You can upload an image there. For better results, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 680px wide, and 225px tall.

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  • How do I see if I have any new notifications?
    Click on your name and it takes you to your Profile or go to the purple navigation bar under My Profile and click Notifications

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  • How do I see who my friends are?
    Go to the My Profile tab on the left side of the header and click Friends. You can view your friends, status of your requested and also see if you have any new friend requests. Or view in the Activity tab.

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  • How do I change my password?
    Go to your Profile page, click on Settings. You can change your password there.


  • How do I change my email or change my parent’s email address I used when I signed up?
    Go to your Profile page, click on Settings. You can change your email there. You will get a notification email to verify your new email. Make sure you click on it to verify. Once you do that, then you have successfully changed your email address.


Need help with something else? Check out the frequently asked questions! Or, comment below with your question and we can help you!