How To Survive College Life


College life- known to some as the 13th Grade, and that’s exactly what it is! Almost- but still it does make its mark there.
At first, I went to a community College and commuted from home. Then, I graduated. Now, I’m at a School where I live in a dorm.
It is difficult to live in a dorm, as it is so hard, because my roommate is shy and so am I and it’s not a good mix. However, over time, you’ll find that perhaps, you’ll survive! Here are 5 ways to Survive College Life:

1. Communicate with your roommate(s), you don’t have to necessarily be best friends, but a hi every morning and small talk can help.
2. Listen to Your Body: When dorming, you don’t rely on your parents for food, so go to the dining hall(s) on campus when hungry. Also, mix it up if campus has more than one food place!
3. Talk to people: don’t like your roommate? No problem!! But talk to others and try to make a couple of friends. You never know, you could meet someone special.
4. Go to Class: have classes, go to them, unless you really feel sick.
5. Join activities: often times, a student may feel homesick. So a good way to help with that is joining clubs that relate to your interests. For example, I am part of the Quiddish Team on campus.