Here are Some Ideas to Show Your Grandparents You Care

Are you looking for ways to lift up your grandparents when they’re feeling down? It’s no fun feeling poorly, but there are lots of things older people can do to feel better, and many ways you can lend a hand. Here are some ideas of how you can cheer up your grandparents and make them smile!

  • Get some exercise

    Older people sometimes have trouble staying active, but fitness is important throughout life. Think about suggesting some fun, low-impact exercises. Maybe you can take your dog for a walk together, do some dancing, or go play miniature golf. Even better, encourage your grandparent to head to the golf course. If she’s got the experience, your grandma can teach you how to play, or, if she’s a beginner, you can learn together! Golf is full of benefits for seniors, like staying limber and helping keep their minds sharp. You can even help with picking out new clubs if she wants to up her game and stick with it.

  • Supplements for filling in gaps

    Our minds and bodies get much of what we need from food to stay strong and healthy, but sometimes a supplement can help fill in the gaps. For instance, sometimes grandparents have trouble getting enough sleep, or they have stress about different things going on in life. They might have aches and pains that keeps them from doing things they enjoyed when they were younger. Something simple like a multivitamin or a supplement like glucosamine chondroitin can help them manage their pain safely, whereas a supplement like melatonin can help them more easily fall asleep. Just be sure to recommend they check with their doctor before taking anything. Some supplements can be dangerous when mixed with important medications.

  • Check on health care

    Are your grandparents making the most out of their healthcare options and health insurance? Medicare is health insurance for older people, and sometimes seniors don’t know about all the options available where they live. You can help your grandparents by sitting down together and looking up what plans are available. Just click this link and then go to the right state. Encourage your grandparents to review their supplemental coverage options, which includes things like hearing checks, vision care, prescription drug coverage, and in some places there is even help paying for gym memberships!

  • Do some digging

    Did you know planting a garden can plant happiness? Earth Easy explains there are lots of health benefits your grandparents (and you!) can gain from gardening, such as lowering stress levels, improving hand strength, improving your outlook on life, and even lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Gardening can involve lots of bending, so if your grandmother or grandfather struggles with getting up and down, container gardening can be easier and more comfortable. It’ll be fun to watch the plants progress through your visits. You can even grow good things to eat, like veggies and herbs, and then find recipes to make together!

  • Cooking up fun

    It’s important to eat right at any age, and cooking offers some great benefits as a hobby. For example, it’s creative, reduces stress, encourages independence, and it’s inexpensive. Look for some healthy recipes you can make together. Keep in mind older people sometimes have trouble with their teeth, so avoid overly chewy recipes, and it’s also important to consider their nutritional needs, such as getting ample calcium and vitamin D.

  • Learn a language together

    Even if your grandparents never learned a second language, it’s not too late! According to the AARP, it’s no more difficult for older people to learn a foreign language than it is for kids. On top of that, it’s really good for seniors, helping to keep their minds more fit. Older people even have advantages over kids since they already know so much about sentence structure and how language works. Practicing together will be fun, and you can even make up code messages to use together!

There are lots of things you can do with your grandparents to lift their spirits. If your grandmother or grandfather seems sad, look for things you can do together. It’ll give you both something to look forward to during your visits, and it’ll help your grandparent be happier and healthier!