How to have a Productive Morning routine


Hi everyone it’s Akunna your MissO and Friends Intern today I will be talking about how to have a productive morning.

Having a productive morning routine sets your day on a great start. To have a productive morning always start the night before.

So let me tell you how to prepare and have an amazingly productive morning routine like youtube star Alisha Marie.

The Night Before:

  • Step One:- If you pack lunch, you should pack your lunch the night before so that in the morning you can just pick it up and go.

  • Step Two:- Pack your backpack the night before so that you don’t have to panic if you didn’t bring what you need to school.

  • Step Three:- This is optional but you can shower the night before so you don’t have to worry about being late in the morning.

  • Step Four:- Set out your clothes because you want to look fabulous without messing your room with your clothes.

  • Step Five:- Make sure your alarms are set so you don’t oversleep and be late.

The Morning Of:

  • Step one:-Wake up around 6 or 7am

  • Step Two:- Drink a cup of water to jump-start your immune system and wake up your body.

  • Step Three:- Journal yeah journal! You can clear your mind by just writing anything that pops up in your head or you can track your sleep in your bullet journal or read a devotion if you are religious and want to start your day right.

  • Step Four:- Say your daily affirmations. What are daily affirmations you may ask? Well, daily affirmations are when you say good things about yourself and tell yourself you love yourself. This helps with your self-confidence and feel like a girl boss.

  • Step Five:- Stretch so your joints can be comfortable or do a mini workout because after your workout your body releases endorphins that make you happy so that sets you in a perfect mood.

  • Step Six:- Daily hygiene. So brushing your teeth, brush/ style/moisturize your hair and wash your face to prevent acne.

  • Step Seven:- This is optional but if you wear makeup you can apply your makeup.

  • Step Eight:- Change to your picked outfit you laid out the night before.

  • Step Nine:- Clean your room and make your bed.

  • Step Ten:- Eat breakfast!!! Yay finally food but since you are having breakfast try to have a healthy breakfast like smoothies, avocado toast e.t.c

  • Step Eleven:- Pick your lunch out and put it in your backpack if you do place it there.

  • Step Twelve:- Leave and have an amazing day.

I hope I helped you think of your own productive morning routine or inspired you to be more productive in the day. The morning sets everything off so eating well helps energizes you and doing a lot before 8 am is very rewarding. If you already started having productive mornings don’t stop it’s good and will carry on forever but that doesn’t mean if you haven’t done a productive morning before means you shouldn’t, you should it’s fun.
I hope you like this blog post cause you will see more advice and tips so if you have any questions send me a message on the girl2girl wall and I will surely respond. By girls for girls.