Perfect for this summer, this milkshake is easy to make and the best part is that its HOMEMADE! 

Homemade Chocolate Shake!
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  1. 3 scoops of vanilla icecream
  2. 2 tsp Cocoa
  3. 1 glass milk (Or depending on how much milk you want)
  1. Firstly, get out a blender (any type).
  2. Then put three scoops of vanilla icecream inside.
  3. After that put two spoonfuls of cocoa inside.
  4. Then put a certain amount of milk depending on how much you would like (the amount of milk you put will determine how much milkshake there will be)
  5. Lastly turn on the blender on 1 for a minute and then 2 for another minute.
  6. ENJOY!
Miss O and Friends