Meet Tyler and Cameron from the band Hollywood Ending


Get to know band Tyler and Cameron from Hollywood Ending which is a pop-rock band formed in Summer 2011. The band consists of Tyler Wilson (Lead Vocals), Cameron Byrd (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Dan Geraghty (Vocals/Lead Guitar), and Chris Bourne (Vocals/Bass).

They got their start on Season 4 of Radio Disney ‘s Next Big Thing competition finishing in 3rd place. Since then they have appeared on many tours in the United States, Canada, and Europe opening for artists like The Janoskians, Austin Mahone, R5, Allstar Weekend, and many more. In summer of 2012 they did their first headlining tour selling out shows across the US and Canada.


Cute Cameron and Adorable Tyler spared a little of their time to us to talk about EVERYTHING!

How much do your families support you in you career choice?
Cameron: All of our parents are super supportive of the band. Since we are 20 years old, they aren’t involved in our business decisions, but they always come out to shows and sometimes they even travel to the UK to see us live!

Tell us about your experiences opening for so many A-list bands? Who has been your favorite?
Cameron: It ‘s been a huge honor to have been lucky enough to open for bands like R5, The Janoskians, Mcbusted etc. I think Mcbusted has been a favorite because we look up to them so much as a band and they taught us so much about playing shows for huge crowds.

Dream date?
Cameron: We ‘re all really goofy, chill guys so I think my dream date would be a really low key date at a fun restaurant and then maybe an arcade on the beach afterwards. I would want it to be super casual and get to really know the person!

Imagine your place is on fire and you can rescue only one thing : what would it be?
Cameron: Oh man, well assuming that family members and pets are already safe from the fire, I would have to bring my guitar of course!

If you were not a singer, what would you have been?
Cameron: Such a hard question! But before the band I was planning on just going to college and studying to be a doctor or maybe even an astronaut if i really worked hard! I always loved space.

You can’t imagine life without?

What makes your heart skip a beat?
Tyler: That moment where you go to kiss a girl!

What Hogwarts house you think you ‘d be in?
Tyler: GRIFFINDOR until I dropped out 😛

Out of all the places you have been where has been your favorite and why? What’s your favorite accent from around the world?
Tyler: I loved Japan because of the food and culture! My favorite accent has to be the accent girls from London have! Unffff 18: Who is the:
-Funniest : Cameron
-Naughtiest -Dan
-Loudest (always singing)-Dan
-Slowest (takes a lot of time to get dressed)-Tyler
-Pickiest (in food, dresses etc)-Dan/Tyler combined
-Craziest (fooling around in public)-Chris/Dan together
-Cheekiest -Chris
-Coolest-Definitely Cameron
-Flirtiest (popular with girls) -Tyler
-Laziest -Tyler for sure
-Cutest (can get his way through his puppy dog eyes)-Probably Cameron