Helping Animals in Winter


Although January has started, it is still winter in most parts of the world and as much as we want to stay warm, animals desire the same. Here are a few steps to help animals stay safe in this cold season:
1. Keep your pets indoors as much as you can.

2. Knit or buy sweaters for your dogs or cats to keep them warm. They can be found online easily and cost cheaper that what one can expect. 

3. Check under the hood of your car before you start driving. There are cats who wish to seek shelter in them. (Check picture below)

cat on hood

4. Protect your cat/dog’s paws from the salt that is used to melt ice. 

5. Increase the amount of food that you normally give to your pet. 

6. Dry your pets off before they come in from the cold outside. 

dry dog

7. It is not only a matter for your pet, but look out for strays and the least you can do to help those is either get them sweaters, take them indoors temporarily or build an outdoor warm shelter for them. 

Spread the word and let’s keep our animals warm and safe.