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We have a lot of questions answered on our FAQ page, so check here first! If you still don’t see an answer to your question or need help with something else, fill out the form below. We will do our best to answer any question you may have on Miss O and friends! 



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I can not write in groups

Writing in the Girl2Girl Groups     QUESTION??? I'm trying to write in a group and it's not allowing me to. What do I do?           ANSWER!!! @MaituGodou Thanks for asking this question! If you want write in a group on the Girl2Girl Wall, then make sure you JOIN the group first!

How do I change my email address?

I have an email question.   QUESTION??? I need help changing my old email and I can't access my old email for the link. How do I change it?         ANSWER!!! @batgirl4ever Thanks for asking this question! If you want to change your email address, go to your Profile page > Settings. In

Frequently Asked Questions

GENERAL QUESTIONS MISS O CLUB: JOINING CLUB/ REGISTRATION How do I log in and join the Miss O site? Click the LOGIN tab in the nav bar and follow the instructions in the window. Make sure you pick a good username/screen name that you really like because you can't change it. Do I need to have an email address to join?  Yes, you do need an email


NEED HELP WITH MY REPLIES! @misso I need help i'm trying to reply to @vale_14 post about her forum called 'Starting to become friendless" and every time I try to submit it doesn't work. Usually it would say "Waiting For Moderation" but it's not saying that at all it's just showing my post without posting it

How do I join a group?

Question: I want to join a group, but not sure how to do it. Can you tell me how? Answer: The best way to join a group is to go to the group you are interested in and click the Join Group button right under the group cover picture. It's that easy!

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