Hey y’all,
So on May 13 there is going to be an exciting day. It’s Mothers Day, Woohoo!

So..Mothers, they are little silly, caring, loving…etc. They can do whatever can us , for example you tell them ”Mom, I want a Barbie doll” now of course she will say no but after some days she will bring that barbie doll from the same store and from the same spot . I LOVE MY MOM (like everyone does) but.. she did everything for me.

So this is my story that I wanna share…

I was born without blood vessels on my Achilles foot , doctors were shock and my mom too. So I walked in my toes like a ballerina (xD) at that time i was like 1 and I started walking fast. My mom was worried so much , then she looked some of the doctors that can do something…she found but the fees was soo expensive and we cant offared them. But somehow she found another doctor who was on our buguet still he taken 10000Rs (1000 $) . My mom was so happy i got plastered on my foot , then got removed and now i am standing . Doctors said that Dont let her dance untill shes 12 but i loved dance . For my talent she opened her own dance classes . I LOVE YOU MOM! AND THOSE WHO THINK THAT THEIR MOM IS A FOOL, THEY’RE NOT THEY KNOW EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU.