“With knowledge, we can influence positive change in this world.  Together, let’s change the world. “

Hannah Testa may only be 16 but she’s already started her own organization. It’s called Hannah4change and it’s dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planets. Hannah advocates for sustainability, speaks on her cause internationally and is a self-proclaimed vegan who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.
 She’s partnered up with businesses and government bodies to influence and develop more sustainable practices and has received more honors and awards than we can count (seriously!)
 We were lucky enough to sit down with Hannah and talk about her life as an activist and how she plans on making the world a more sustainable place. Check it out below!
1. If you were given 3 wishes what would you wish for?
Resources for third world countries (clean water, food, medicine)
Fixing all the environmental issues our planet is facing.
Happiness for myself and those I love
2. What song do you have completely memorized?
All of the songs from the live action Aladdin. I obviously really enjoyed the movie.
3. What is your favorite sport?
Soccer. I played for 10 years before I went into High School.
4. What do you wish you knew more about?
I wish I knew more about gun violence and how I can help.
5. What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?
Brunei, which is almost 10,000 miles away from where I live.
6. What made you start “Hannah for Change”? 
I started Hannah4Change when I was 10-years-old. I was always environmental conscious but I started to learn more about global issues and I knew I couldn’t sit back and watch it happen. So I started a Facebook page with the help of my parents called Hannah4Change for the people in my community to learn about these issues and participate in campaigns or events I was working on.
7. What is your “mission”?
My passion is protecting people, animals, and the environment through education, awareness, and policy work.  With knowledge, we can influence positive change in this world.  Together, let’s change the world. 
8. You’ve earned A LOT of honors and awards! Which ones are you most proud of?
I am most proud of an award I got back in 2016 from the Captain Planet Foundation called Superhero for the Earth. So many incredible people have gotten the same award. It was of my first BIG awards and I went to my first gala to receive it. I gave one of my favorite speeches to this day, and I met the most incredible people that have been huge allies in my fight. That award has given me so many opportunities and I am so honored I received it.
9. What change would you like to see in the world?
I would love to see more love and compassion in the world. There is so much hate and ignorance today. I would also would like to see more action and education on growing threats such as climate change.
10. What are some easy, everyday ways we can be more eco-friendly?
Reducing the single-use plastics you use everyday! Instead of using straws, bags, bottles, cups, and utensils find sustainable alternatives to use instead such as steel straws, cloth bags, and reusable bottles. Carpool and use public transport as much as possible, or even walk/bike. Reduce your meat/dairy consumption. Cows produce an insane amount of Methane which is much worse than carbon dioxide. Volunteer at a cleanup or host your own in your community.
11. Do you have any upcoming projects for 2019? Can we get a sneak peak? 
A lot of projects are in the works and I cannot share as of yet, but some of the things I can talk about is I am help to run a youth conference in Atlanta for high school/college aged students called Water Warriors for the students to attend and learn more about plastic and protecting our water systems. I also work with Kashi to co-create Kashi by Kids products, so we should be releasing new products soon!
12. What is your favorite part about the Girl2Girl App?
I love that is a safe community where girls can find each other and talk about issues they are passionate about and feel safe to ask questions and not be afraid. I love what the app stands for and I am so glad to be working with Miss O & Friends because girl empowerment is an issue we share in common.
13. Where can we follow you?
Website: Hannah4Change
Facebook: Hannah4Change
Instagram: Hannah4Change