Hair and Makeup tips

Hi guys! It’s Ms.Knowitall. I am just another girl who wants to change the world. I am here to help all the other people on this website. If you want my help, mention me in a group. You can ask me anything. Even if it is a little weird. I won’t even say your name if you give me a fake name!

This month is about makeup. And hair. The confidence givers of girls.

  • Beauty Blenders: Most of us know how expensive beauty blenders. We love them but hate the price. But there is an easy way to make them from socks. Basically hold a long sock from the heel and twist below and tuck it inside. It is basically the same but cheaper.

    beauty-blender, miss o and friends

  • Highlight: Put highlight in areas such as upper cheek, middle nose, and middle forehead.

    highlight-makeup, miss o and friends

Sorry that’s all for today. But if you message me I will get back to you as soon as possible!!!