Grow Nails Faster!

For those who bite their nails frequently like me, this post is for them. It may be tough at first to quit nail-biting but here are some home remedies to help you out.


Lemon Juice!

  • Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with 4 drops of lemon and apply it on your nails. Leave it for good 15 minutest and then wash it off.
  • You could also rub lemon on your nails for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water right after. 

Coconut Oil

  • This requires no work. Simply take cocount oil, heat it up for a few seconds and then massage in circular motion on all your nails. Let the oil stay there for some time. You can also leave it overnight.

Olive Oil

  • Take olive oil, rub it on your nails gently and leave it overnight. 

All these ways of growing nails are very efficient. If you feel to add more, or read more articles like these, please comment below or mention me @ManoManoUSA!