The Great One-Dish Swap!

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The Great One-Dish Swap!

This may sound like a Christmas event, but this is the best way to try every kind of treat, from gingerbread men to fudge and learn all the latest recipes. Invite as many people as you want for ANY sort of party, and have each of them bake their favorite foods.


As the guests arrive, each person should place their cookies on the beautifully decorated table and no two people should have baked the same thing. (Make sure to tally your dish names before preparing them!)  For an added touch each person should bring copies of their recipes to hand out to everyone at the end of the party. Anyone can bring chocolate chip cookies, but the best guests add a little something special. Eggnog frosted sugar cookies, mint blossoms and candy cane fudge are always crowd pleasers, but guests don’t have to bring in something for the holidays.

Visitors will be just as happy with brownies or gingerbread, but try to add a special touch. Instead of peanut butter balls, cover them in chocolate and instead of brownies add chocolate sprinkles. For an added but of fun, ask the newbies to bring in something store bought and ask guests to figure out which are homemade.

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