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Granny Grey Hair Trend

I don’t know – sometimes this world makes you want to go in hiding, live under a rock and never come out. In this faster-than-we-can-keep-up age, the latest and hottest trends sometimes make your jaw drop in awe and sometimes makes you cringe – and sometimes make you want to adopt it like. Right. Now.

The latest trend is – Grey-like-Granny Hair!

Don’t believe me? Scroll down and see these beauties looking absolutely gorgeous in grey hair. Even Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Ellie Goulding and Cara sported this look for awhile (err… we don’t count Kelly O and Monster Gaga as they introduce crazy styles like daily and we cannot adopt ever one of them).

Grey Granny Hair.jpg

This grey color can be acquired temporarily – how? Let’s see.

Hair Chalk.jpg

Use these chalks and rub them on wet hair. Use heat to set the color. And you’re done. These 6 chalks are:

  • Individually shrink wrapped Dark Grey hair chalks to prevent chipping and breaking
  • each hair chalk stick is 6 cm long (2.36 Inch)
  • Instantly change the color of your hair to Dark Grey – temporarily dye your hair in Dark Grey color with zero hassle
  • Comes with detailed instructions & tips for best results
  • Vivid Dark Grey colors that show up on both light and dark hair


Watch this tutorial for further help.


This trend looks great as:

Sleek Tresses

Short Lob

Messy Bun

Super Short (with quiff)

Beachy Ponytail

 grey hair lob

Beachy Ponytail.png

If you follow this trend – please, ask your mom first. She may be okay with jet black, bleached blonde or even purple, but with grey – I have some doubts!

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  1. asmasiddiqi 11/11/2015 at 10:54 pm

    Oooh, these are so cute! But the grey-hair all surprisingly looks pretty good on everyone! 😀 Thanks for this-I’ll def try it when I’m allowed!

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