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Be Creative. Be Safe. Be You. Online. 

What is media?

All the ways that people use to inform, entertain, and connect with other people.

Why is it important?

You are amazing and the world needs to know it.

Wanna take center stage in the world? Media will give you the tools you need. Share ideas, experiments, projects, and stories with everybody you know & want to know. See who is just waiting to follow your lead.

Use the Go Girls!™ Culture Code as your guide to be creative, be safe and be you…online.

Say YES!

 I am ready for anything!

I say YES to keep the fun going!

I say NO to keep myself safe!

  • DO make media about topics that matter to YOU! Do you heart animals? Obsessed with anime? Dream of becoming a chef? – Whatever you’re into, there is someone else out there who wants to hear about it.

  • DON’T share personal information like your last name, phone number, your address. It’s important to set boundaries online to keep yourself safe.

Head over to the Girl2Girl Wall where you can socialize safely with other girls! Ask questions, get advice about anything and everything! 


 I give to others & I am happy.

I take in the good & I am healthy.

I am a Go Girl! & I belong!

  • DO become part of an online community as a way to make new friends. Social networks exist to help us connect with others who care about the same things we do.  But…

  • DON’T ever make a plan to hang out in person with anyone you meet online without talking to your parents about it first.  They can help you know if the person online is who they say they are.


I am not perfect.

I celebrate myself for learning & trying.

I get to grow & change.

  • DO be willing to be silly, have fun and try new things!

  • DON’T worry if you make a mistake. You can take something down. And be sure to apologize if your mistake hurts someone’s feelings.


 I am happy & angry & everything in between.

I can act calm even when I’m not.

I am just right as I am.

  • DO notice how certain media makes you feel. Do certain comments, ads, or messages make you feel angry, jealous, or scared?  If these kinds of feelings come up, ask an adult you trust for help.

  • DON’T let your feelings cause you to lash out. Just because you might not agree with something online, there is no need to disrespect anyone else.  Remember: Don’t do anything on-line that you wouldn’t do in person.


  • DO make movies, music, photo boards, on-line groups, blogs, businesses, apps etc!

  • DON’T forget to put your phone away sometimes, talk face to face, & share what you make!

SHARE WHAT YOU MAKE! Tag on IG @gogirlscamp or FB @spotlightgirls. Don’t forget to  #girlsmakemedia.

Go Girls! is not just a summer camp.  It’s a movement.  We are igniting a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.  At Go Girls!, rising first to sixth grade girls make plays, art, music, and media that we believe will change the world. Check out Go Girls Camp for the summer! 


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