Get our Snapchat Lens! 

Thanks to our friends at Fanbytes, Miss O and Friends has their first ever Snapchat lens featuring the Girl2Girl Wall. We wanted to give you a little extra confidence on your fave social media platform, so when you pop the bubbles, different phrases will come out that are set to inspire you. We hope you love it! 

Get the lens here OR by scan the below snap-code in Snapchat. 

snapchat filter for Girl2girl wall

How to scan the code:

  1. Open Snapchat

  2. Go to your camera to take a picture of the code

  3. Press and hold on the image

  4. The lens will appear for you to have! 

  5. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too 🙂 

  6. And don’t forget to share your video/photo with us! Send it to us for a repost on Instagram @ missoandfriends