How to create some unique names for your stories or writing pieces!

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    @tealturtle30 Also, you can do something that has to do with what they do.

    In medieval times, you got your last name based on what you worked as. For example, the last name Smith means your ancestors were probably blacksmiths (You probably have to go way back, though, like, 9 centuries ago) Another example of this is shoemaker. If you’re interested, search up ‘Where does the last name (Your last name) come from’

    So, you can base their last name off their job, and change a few letters. If the character is a kid, you can base it off of a hobby they have, or what they want to be in the future.
    Kathryn Dekter (Doctor)
    Jake Leger (Lawyer)
    Adam Techer (Teacher)
    Samantha Saker (Soccer)
    Andy Ert (Art)

    That’s another way to think up of names!

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    Good information, @tealturtle30. Very useful for inspiration to create your own character.

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    Thank you 😊 @tealturtle30

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      Sure. I’m going to talk about getting ideas for your stories as well.

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    Think of books with super unique names. For example harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood. Those are all very unique names, so your probably wondering why I said those names. The answer to that is you can take those names and build off of them and think of names that are similar but can’t be the same because that would be copy writing. So mine would be Harriet Patil. I got that from the name Harry Potter. see how great that works out? I really suggest trying this. Hope I could help.

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