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  • moxxo
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    @cheetahcat200 ENID BLYTOM FOREVERRR 💜

  • hooloo21
    Post count: 718

    Chris Colfer and he did not write this book but it’s called “Jack and Louisa”

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 0

    I don’t have a favorite book! I like all books! They are all amazing

  • squirrelymeowmachine42
    Post count: 1

    RICK RIORDAN!!!!!!!!! He is my absolute favorite author. I love his books so much. I love Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Trials of Apollo, and I´m reading the Heros of Olympics books right now!

  • captainmarvel50
    Post count: 77

    Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling is great!

  • itmebrooklyn
    Post count: 202

    Of course wish I love wish it my fav book in the world

    • cheetahcat200
      Post count: 213

      Who’s the author of Wish? Could you tell me what it is about?

  • annaw25
    Post count: 382

    I like the Keeper Of The Lost Cities series 😜😎😎@CheetahCat200

    • cheetahcat200
      Post count: 213

      Sounds interesting. I’m glad there is a series you’re enjoying!

  • cheetahcat200
    Post count: 213

    Out of all the books you have read, what is your favorite book/book series and the author?

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