Day 1 of My 'Fabulous' life!


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  • hooloo21
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    When I was first reading this I though this was for real. It’s just ya story though so..

  • annaw25
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    Oh I’m sorry she is mean to you. There was this girl at my old school that liked stilling stuff from my lunch box and liked to pick on me a lot😢😤

  • erin_
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    Ugh… this sounds like a girl I knew in the third grade. Just remember, there’ll be a day where you look back and are like, oh, that wasn’t so bad after all. There will be a day that it stops! If she’s really bothering you then report her, but there’s a chance that she’ll lie and someone will back her up.

  • hazel5
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    I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Taylor seems like a mean bully! You should ignore her bravely and also please report it a trusted adult. Don’t try to repeat what she does with you because that might get you in trouble! @melodirosen

  • donut37
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    That is rediculous! I am so sorry that happened to u! That should t happen to anyone! Ok whta u gotta do is be super nice to her….. but if she does something like that say….. oh it’s ok that ur clumsy and pick up ur papers and walk away….

  • moxxo
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    @melodirosen that must be so infuriating. 🙅 tell her off. tell her its not ON!

  • melodirosen
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    Ugh. I hate everything and everyone! Why, why do I have to go to my stupid school! That bully, Taylor, is SO annoying! I was just minding my business, putting my purse in my locker (I carry spare change, there’s a bake sale by the Air Cadets every Thursday! The doughnuts are delish!) and she just knocked out ALL my homework out my backpack! Then she put that disgusting sneer on her face! I just wish I could smack it off!

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