Student Council Trouble

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  • galaxygum
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    Just beat them girl. Those popular and cool kids are doing it because they want everyone to notice them even more. You can beat them!

  • justinigirl
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    I think you should run. Just bc popular kids are running doesn’t mean they are smart or will make a good student council rep. Go for it!!@emily_world123

  • ihatephilosophy
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    Run and win humbly or lose gracefully. Just try and you will succeed. There is no failure in trying.

    Jeez I sound like my social studies teacher… (we’re studying philosophy so… yeah)

  • christineshenyt
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    I think that you shouldn’t let the popular kids stop you from running for student council. Just be you. Maybe ask your friends to help spread the word so that I can get your voice out there. Best of luck!

  • hazel5
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    First off, dont be scared because of those popular kids. If you are meant to win, you will win! Good luck and keep tryin and dont lose hope ❤️❤️❤️ @emily_world123

  • emily_world123
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    I am at a new school and I’m running for student council but all the popular and cool kids are also running. What do I do?

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