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What is your favorite video game?

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  • furry_cat123
    Post count: 22

    Play My Talking Angela. Mine is named Ari and she’s an adult.

  • juliarushing
    Post count: 1

    I have a lot of them! The Sims, VAmpyr, Harry Potter, BAttlefield, are my best favorites. However, last time I prefer to play games with zombies

  • wmaple123
    Post count: 220

    Roblox rocks

    • furry_cat123
      Post count: 22

      Oh I used to love playing roblox but it took longer for me to get bored with it than many other websites I tried cuz there’s like, endless games. But I got bored with the same old games. You see, I just get bored with stuff after a while. There was this one game, toontown rewritten, and I got bored with it after just a few minutes of playing because it’s one of those games with too many quests, or toontasks, as they’re called. It makes it feel like it’s almost forcing you to do the toontasks, so your so busy doing them, that you can’t even enjoy the game! I hate games like that, that almost forces you to do quests/tasks, that you can’t even have any fun! Who agrees?

  • vaidehibharatte
    Post count: 148

    Harry Potter

  • espeon906
    Post count: 4

    Try Pokemon on 3ds

  • hellokitty2002
    Post count: 8

    FORNITE FORNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE!!! AND if you have a ps4 add me!!!

  • advice-b-lol
    Post count: 34

    Fortnite !

  • simplykitten88
    Post count: 12

    Sims 4

  • aquamarine2
    Post count: 82

    I love the simulation game animal crossing, I also like Minecraft and Sims Freeplay for Apple devices, and Animal Jam ( Animal Crossing is on: 3DS, app store or google play, Wii, Gamecube,and Wii U.

  • amethyst123
    Post count: 38

    Splatoon is the best game ever

  • hazel5
    Post count: 2044


  • just_kitkat479
    Post count: 53

    Roblox and Minecraft ….. my faves

  • fulltimemonarch
    Post count: 1

    cookie run ovenbreak my dude

  • astrabunni
    Post count: 1

    I recently started playing league of legends and it’s pretty fun!

  • rainbow03
    Post count: 47

    Minecraft/ sims 4/ mario run / splatoon/ all mario games !⭐️

  • pocco_ponylover
    Post count: 23

    I’m a huge gaming fan but what I find the best is Sonic The Hedgehog. If you are looking for a high speed game play any of this. The games are brilliant,the characters are brilliant and the storyline beats Mario hollow. Mario is pretty good but you always feel good after a sonic session……save for Sonic 06….I hate sonic 06.

  • missoofficial
    Post count: 296

    @iphoneblueberry I’ll have to check this game out. Where can I find it?

  • poddofaria
    Post count: 4

    I love the Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, Inazuma Eleven and Mega Man X franchises the most!!!
    Everyone here has very good taste!!

    • klihou7
      Post count: 4

      I love Pokémon video games but I must say my favourite is Pokémon Adventure!

  • drawwithmalik
    Post count: 244

    The Crash Bandicoot games will always be my favorite.
    I grew up in a family of gamers! We have playstations, gameboys, xboxes, wiis, gamecubes…you name it, I’ve owned it.
    Though Crash has always been my favorite. I’ve recently played the N Sane Trilogy. It took about 2 months but my older sister and I have defeats all three games like a boss.

  • ruka47
    Post count: 207

    I’m a total gamer,I suggest Sims free play if you like to do your own thing.I suggest FNAF if u love horror games.I suggest Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse if you like action games.I suggest Super Phantom Cat and Super Phantom cat 2 if you love strategy gamees.You can get it on a I Pad

  • Anonymous
    Post count: 128

    I love Halo and tintin and i dont have enough time to list all the games i absolutely love!!!!!!

  • iphoneblueberry
    Post count: 9

    wow just wow i read every single comment (that are here now) and nobody mensoins FNAFFFF!!! (idk if i spelled mension right)

  • rainmondoi
    Post count: 1

    My favourite video game is minecraft on computer, I would love if you, or anyone else here would like to play a server on minecraft 😀

  • alyza
    Post count: 134

    I love this mobile game called Tiny Theif

  • starblaze
    Post count: 2

    Siiiiiims! Sims 3 and 4 consume most of my time! ? Highly recommend if you’re into story writing and creative exploration ?

  • angel9078
    Post count: 10

    Depending on your type of taste in games, i would reccomend minecraft and gary’s mod if you like doing your own thing, and if you like platformers; kirby games (cute and fun
    ʕ(^‿^)ʔ )

  • skellabones
    Post count: 15

    If you like being creative and doing your own thing i would recommend Gary’s mod or Minecraft. 🙂 their some of my favorites!

  • caraboo11
    Post count: 233

    I like Minecraft, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, Just Dance 3-5, and Destiny (although it’s kind of intense).

  • heartphilia16
    Post count: 5

    Most Rhythm games, like Hatsune Miku :Project Mirai DX or Deemo, I can’t really pick a favorite game

    • rockstar1214
      Post count: 9

      Have you tried Love Live: School Idol Festival? It’s a really good rhythm game on mobile.

  • rockstar1214
    Post count: 9

    Is there a specific age range you’re looking for, or thing you’re sensitive to- like violence or bad language- because I know a lot of good ones, but not all of them are appropriate for younger audiences. Also do you prefer a certain genre (i.e. horror, adventure, arcade, puzzle, hidden object, indie, etc.) or a specific console (i.e XBOX, Play Station, PC, Wii, etc.)?

  • missoofficial
    Post count: 296

    I don’t play many video games but if I had a good recommendation then I might try one! Any suggestions?

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