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  • poppypresents
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    same i was one of tge 1st people to watch it in my school

  • xo-sian-erin-ox
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    It’s so good, like, I’ve been obsessed with Riverdale since it first came out, and to follow it to the end of Season 2 has fulfilled my life for the moment.

  • smartygal
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    Missed it! Maybe I’ll watch it over the weekend. Looks like it’s gonna be a rain ☔️ y and wet weekend. Ugh 😑 @poppypresents

  • poppypresents
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    im so happy that they didnt kill jug head

  • 04angely01
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  • poppypresents
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    who seen the season finale of riverdale? it was so good♡♡♡

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