Netflix shows

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  • deepdarkvoid
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    Watch The OA. It is mind blowing!!

  • solareclipse
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    Well,This is more anime but you should watch KuroMukuro, Kakegurui, and A Silent Voice (i know its a movie but it’s so good!)

  • hedgehogsrule
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    No good nick it’s da best!!

  • puppykitten234
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    Alexa and Katie on Netflix

  • kaitkool
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    Greenhouse academy!

  • azalea_aurora
    Post count: 80

    I like Stranger things too

  • madis_lol_life
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    I love The vampire diaries

  • lexiahayden
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    I love The Good Place. It’s on Netflix and it’s AMAZING

  • hazel5
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    Mine is no good nick!!! Its a but boring at the start but the story gets betterrr @ivy13

  • harlierose
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    I just started watching this show called “Rilakkuma and Kaoru”. Totally loving it 😍❤

  • Anonymous
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    Hey girls!! I am looking for some Netflix shows because I am out of ideas. My top favorite show is Stranger things!! What’s yours? 😁

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