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  • timetodream12
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    i second the vampire diaries

  • madis_lol_life
    Post count: 49

    Vampire dairies, all the way

  • harlierose
    Post count: 548

    Have you watched Stranger Things? I love this show ❤️

  • galaxypanda
    Post count: 36

    Try friends or nailed it or no good nick

  • lexiahayden
    Post count: 12

    I love The Good Place. It’s on Netflix 😁

  • emygalixy
    Post count: 82

    Naruto is reall out on the teen stuff and he dosent go all out untill you get all the way were you get to pervy sage!

    • eduzka06
      Post count: 28

      thxx but i don’t have that in my country☹️

  • eduzka06
    Post count: 28

    so ummm i’m bored and i’m tryana to find something good to watch but fr i can’t find anything good sooo i need some goooooddd tv series❤️ and oh i forgot to say that do you know what to watch on plane and btw i’m 12 but 13 on june 6 so i can’t watch anything that is 16+ :/

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