Do you have a favorite fictional character?

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  • taya39333
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    The proud family’s penny proud. Does anybody remember the proud familys

  • feiticeiro
    Post count: 1

    I like Gumball too. Is it OK that I have a crush on him? Sorry..

  • angie_rose99
    Post count: 59

    I love Yu-Gi-Oh! I always loved Seto Kaiba, he had this rich boy-jerk personality that made him so interesting to me. Plus his connection with his brother is so cute

  • jessielikesobjectshows
    Post count: 57

    Gumball Watterson! 😀

  • harlierose
    Post count: 492

    Vinsmoke Sanji from One Piece and Marceline the Vampire Queen in the Adventure Time 😍

  • gmwbmw22
    Post count: 29

    Lisa Loud in the Loud House. Nough said.

  • drawwithmalik
    Post count: 262

    We MUST talk about this. My favorite fictional character is Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh. I am silly in a way where I prefer the bad guys and not the protagonists. You?

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